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video blogging

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after doing some ranting in #GameDevelopers last night, i followed it up with a lay-in-bed-and-ponder session. the topic: video blogs. i've wanted to do a few after i got it in my head that i could (viridian can take the fall for that), i started thinking up wild and crazy things to vblog about. well, there weren't many wild or crazy things.

so what did i conclude? well, after the irc rant, i didn't know what i wanted to accomplish. my gf and i talked about it for a couple of hours and we figured out exactly what i wanted to do: i want to arrange captured clips from games with a monologue to compare and contrast different methods of accomplishing something i want to do in actionRPG.

one of the points i made in chan last night was that viridian's vblogs are generally "here's a game and some interesting stuff about it" and that they don't really have any kind of conclusion. i'm certainly not complaining about them, they're great; its just not the angle i want to take. to illustrate perfectly what i want to do -- i was trying to describe different methods of sword-fighting in games i knew to my gf during our discussion last night, but she hadn't played most of them. i needed to show her the games in action to make my point. i've tried doing this before, but by the time i've dug out the second game and gotten through its titlescreen and load somthing up (if i even have a save for it), interest has waned and the discussion turned so far away from the topic that i can't remember what it was and have to give up in frustration.

so yeah. i want to vblog about stuff i want to do in actionrpg, so that i can show what i'm trying to say more effectively. also, watching compiled clips is awesome.
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