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Shadow mapping, part 1

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I'm working on some shadow mapping right now. Its the first time I've done this so its taking me longer than I hoped. Nevertheless, here are my first shadow mapping screenshots.

I'm using cube mapping with the depth packed into RGBA as described by Phantom here. Before this I had tried virtual shadow depth cube maps, apparantly described somewhere in ShaderX 3, although I don't have the book, but failed due to indirect cubemap sampling causing an error for some reason. I'm planning to try variance shadow mapping with 2 component floating-point cube maps once I finish this implementation.

Obviously there are problems here. First thing I'm going to do is render backfaces and try glPolygonOffset for bias. Once the noise is gone, I'll try some manual bilinear filtering, or maybe some cubic filtering (described in GPU Gems 2 I think).
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Hey -- I registered on here just to say that your shadows look cool in a non-realism-ish representational way, but I know that you're not really into that, heh heh.
Keep it coming!

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Hey Dave, thanks for the comment! I'm aiming for a comic book type realism in the end. You can probably see I have the outlines already working. The shadows will be low resolution but filtered to make them soft. I'm working on bringing all the rendering stuff together right now, so I should have a screenshot of the finished look soon.

Hope things are going well in Victoria.

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