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Beach-head established.

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I'm afraid updates will be scant this week; I am working on my work term report paper, due on Tuesday. Once that's out of the way, though, I will continue my maintenance and construction of the bar.

Propane Injector

Earlier, I participated in a thread that made me think about how well I'm handling my own data flow in Propane Injector. In particular, I remembered (with great hate) how the "does everything" header of Propane Injector forces me to include OpenGL with my unit tests if I want to use Propane::toString, for example.

So fixing that is obviously job #1 on my list of honey-dos for Propane Injector.


Apparently Apple has some sort of crazy iPod event on September 5. Feel free to put your crazed predictions in the comment thread.

My hope: Apple announces Zune support for iTunes, and then buys Microsoft's Zune division and rolls it into their unstoppable digital media juggernaut. I really like the Zune's UI even though its joypad is complete shit.

Other stuff

I'm sorry this entry sucks. I just made it so I would have at least one week this month with an entry for every day.
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Original post by Ravuya
I'm afraid updates will be scant this week; I am working on my work term report paper, due on Tuesday.

Good luck with that. Waterloo make us write our first report on a non-work-related topic (ie. 'investigating ourselves as writers, and report-writing skills') that's incredibly dull to write about. Since Waterloo co-op is (otherwise) kick-arse, I'm going to write it off as "a beneficial experience" if anyone asks.

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