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Quadroids: Day 3

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I spent some time today working on Quadroids. I have a majority of the base gameplay implemented now. There are now explosions, and players will be destroyed if they collide with the asteroids. I'm using polygon to polygon collision, so collisions should be exact.

I think I might start working towards implementing the multiplayer aspects of the game now. I'll just try to get the thing working so multiple players can connect to a server and play.

I've uploaded my current progress. Try it out and give me some feedback.

Download Link: Quadroids 0.2
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Recommended Comments

The asteroids splitting when hit works much better now. A few issues I noticed:

- When your ship is destroyed you don't respawn so I had to exit and restart the game.
- The asteroids don't collide with each other so after a while you get them travelling together intersecting with each other. Would be nice to have them bouncing off each other.

Hope that helps.

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Looking good. Everything seems tight, aside from the issues that ukdm mentioned. All it needs now are alien ships and a particle engine, then you're dancin'. [smile]

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