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Alpha 1 is released!

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I've just pressed the appropriate magic buttons to make [Alpha-1] Simple Geometry Processing PoC the latest release for my '3D Pipes in Direct3D 10 project.

It's still pretty primitive and the only part that is likely to be of much interest is the instanced rendering path.

It was almost disappointingly easy to get working. I reckon there is still room for improvement, but flicking through the Instancing10 SDK sample made it trivial to get a simple implementation up and running.

I've yet to compare performance with the horrific brute-force renderer which does CPU-side transformations ([wow]) but I did check the VRAM consumption:

Brute Force - 16.5mb
Instanced - 270kb

Can't complain at a 63x improvement [grin]

Anyway, time to decide what goes in the Alpha-2 build... I'm thinking I'll focus on getting some form of lighting up and running next.
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