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I think, just maybe, I am burning out on WoW.

I have a lvl 19, a lvl 21 and a lvl 45 (among various sub 14 alts) and I've hit a rut with my main and have no inspiration to level the alts. I think that the stint from Level 38 to 45 (Alliance) is too boring - quests are too far apart and no groups are around wanting to do instances or group quests because they're all up in the 60-70+ range. I could keep going but I think it's time to call it a day for now.

I bought X3 - Reunion, gonna play that a bit, or maybe grab EVE Online - not sure about that though, I've had enough of games taking over my waking life.

Speaking of things taking over your waking life, the Warhammer 40K Horus Heresy book series is MAGNIFICENT. BUY THEM.

I spent my day coding a soundex algorithm that mimics the in-built one in SQL Server. Turns out that every variant of the NARA soundex has slight differences and SQL Server uses one that's undocumented. Eg Their own.

Pesky feckers.

Might start coding again. I like the idea of a turn-based wargame right now.
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I hit that rut too at one point, right around the same level, and almost quit playing. As fate and the hateful universe would have it, I broke up with my ex at that point, and finding myself with more free time, went back to WoW. Once you hit the maximum level and get off the level treadmill, it really does pick up. You're on an equipment treadmill now, but the instances (heroics and raids especially) are a _lot_ more interesting (and frustrating) than the easier regular instance.

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