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Decided that to make my polygon map editor really work properly, I need a proper GUI system.

I'd guess that the more experienced programmers reading this will read the following snippet that I just wrote:

class Window
virtual ~Window();

virtual void OnPaint(Canvas &C);

and scream "Oh, teh noes" and stuff.

My guess is that this journal will next get updated in about six months, at the point where I swear I'm never going to write computer programs again.

Been nice posting with you all. Wish me luck. I'm going in...
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GUI design can be hell, but just remember to keep it simple. If you can't find a way to keep things simple, than you might as well safe yourself the misery and pick up a GUI library out there. I'm sure there is one you'd like.

I have found your polygon stuff pretty interesting btw, nice work.

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You're spot on. That's what I was concerned about above really - that a GUI system could turn into a can of worms and just get stupid complicated very quickly.

I know there are probably some very good D3D GUI systems available. I just reckon it will be fun writing one since I haven't done that before.

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Oh Teh Noes!!!1!

Heh. I think everyone should write a GUI system at least once (even if they end up throwing it away and using something else afterwards). You gain a good insight into the standard problems and appreciate more how the different UI toolkits go about solving them. And you have to make some difficult choices about what trade-offs to make which always make things interesting. [grin]

I recommend starting with a good font/string system. Without some good, solid code to manipulate strings for display (figuring out how much space they'll take up, setting alignment, baseline positioning, etc.) then everything else becomes much more difficult.

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