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More destruction

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When I left you last time, I was busy trying to tidy up some temporary test code I was using in my particle system so I could extend it to do some fancier stuff. The truth is though, that I'm finding it hard to cleanup the last few bits of the particle system framework. I've still not found a clean way to handle new particle initialisation (e.g. so you can set an initial position, velocity, colour, energy, etc) in a flexible way, and, I need to think some more about how to safely delete game objects from inside the game update loop. To avoid having to deal with any of that, I decided to work on the explosions a little more.

I swapped the basic spherical particle sprite (for some grass of all things!) to give the fire more texture. I added some particle rotation, to give the flame bursts a rolling effect. And I added some black smoke around the bottom. On my Dad's advice, I also added some lift, so the flame plume rises into a red afterburn which I quite like. Finally, I put in a quick-and-dirty physics force model.

Here's a wee moovie of the lastest explosions - this time a slightly larger and more destructive one. As usual, click the picture for the moovie.



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My sentiments exactly, really good looking. Did you write the physics engine yourself, or is it (based off) an existing library?


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Thanks kindly for the encouraging comments =)

The physics is some stuff I wrote myself - but the solver works in a similar way to ODE (a bunch of 6th order LCP equations with an SOR solver). It does include some stuff that makes it a little more game friendly (like axis locking so your character doesn't keep falling over, and aggressive auto-sleep), but other than that it's nothing magic. I was actually really impressed with the true-axis physics engine - I'm hoping to go back and try and get mine as stable as that one at some point.

The explosion itself is currently just a single impulse. It's a side-effect of the physics solver which makes the whole block explode over time (if you step through the video frame by frame, you can see the physics letting things intersect and then trying to correct it).

As for youtube ... I've actually never tried it. I take it the movie above doesn't work for you?

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