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Do the ants dance!

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Yeah, I got to 1000 revisions! Awesome.


Working on homing bullets. I got all of the infrastructure and plumbing hooked up, but when I fire them they sort of get close to the enemy and then turn right around and go down.

I think my use of slerping is to blame; when I just use Quaternion::lookAt they come out just fine, except without cool swooping transitions from my firing orientation to their screaming orientation of death.

Edit: Bullets work now. Woo! Woo!


A bit more work on the engine components and a few sketches of how the HUD will work out.

I think the Glow HUD was nice and simple; messages, health, inventory, character stuff. Now I've tossed the implant management into here as well, and I'm concerned about how to handle it the best. Right now, I've decided upon a roll-out palette like the Inventory panel, with hot keys available to toggle specific implants and another hot key to instantly deactivate all implants.

Technically, I did a bit of work on the camera; the camera can not only frustum cull but it can also dump the currently rendered frame out to a texture, which can then be trivially used in different parts of the scene or in post-process. Beautiful!

Also, some new implants: Security Domination, which makes security systems obey you only when they are within your radius (they resort back to normal when either you or they get far enough away), and Homeo-Plant (absorb pools of water to regain health. Warning: do not use on coffee spills).


I finally got my stupid internship paper in. They screwed up a bunch of stuff relating to my transit pass and some other documentation, and then charged me a late payment for a fee they didn't even assign to me until after the deadline. [rolleyes]


I didn't work too much on the car; turns out that to get the head off I need a tension wrench that I don't have, so it's off to Auto Value when they open up again after the Labour Day long weekend to pick up a better tool. I suppose I could always bring it to a non-crooked mechanic in town to have him look at it, of course.

In the interim, I took it for a few doughnuts around the local high school parking lot in an attempt to reproduce the dropping-out-of-third-gear bug. Does anyone know how to write a unit test for synchro gears?


I did a bit of polishing on the "10 portability tips" article that I promised Gaiiden I would submit two months ago. I'm mostly done now, but I hit upon a few extra details that I want to include.

Anyone want to proof-read it before I shove it into the submission queue and have it torn to shreds? Bueller?
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