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Switching gears...

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Have decided upon a final dev strat. Realizing that I *am* the project, and taking past projects into consideration, I have decided that *all* code required for the final game will be completed first. This includes all enemy classes, stages, rendering , gui ( and the remnant front-end ) , music/sfx loading/playing , networking etc. Only after this is working ( and solidly so ) will I start on the content phase ( adjusting the code base as neccessary to support features of the content being integrated ). Not only does this create discrete areas to focus on, it also alows me to do any research/dev required for subsequent phases. Hence, I am now developing the art-style for the game.

I am aiming for something like the above. A loose, minimalist style, that when layered should be quite nice...

Oh yeah, I got the job, just have to wait a couple of weeks before I start...
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