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Quadroids: Day 5

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I've spent some time during the last two days working on Quadroids. I decided to restructure some of the code to make it easier to implement three different modes of play. Those modes include a single player game, a multiplayer game as a client, and a multiplayer game as a server.

I have also added flying saucers to the game. They move across the screen in a random pattern either shooting at asteroids or the player. There are large and small saucers, and each targets the player with a different probability.

The current iteration of the game is close to what the single player game will be like. I still need to tweak the timing of various things though. I also need to add in either a shield or hyperspace. I'll probably do hyperspace since it is random and more likely to piss players off. It might save you, and it might not.

Anyway, here is the current progress. Go ahead and try it out and give me some feedback.

Download Link: Quadroids 0.3
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It gets better with every iteration.

One comment I would make regards player death. I don't know how easy it would be, but when the player dies it would be nice to see the game paused and the player respawned - this would stop double deaths which can happen at the moment. Not sure if you cope with the player respawning when there is an asteroid covering the centre of the screen either?

Good work.

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To handle double deaths, I will likely respawn the player in the middle and place him or her in an invincible state until an action is performed or five seconds have passed. That should provide them with enough opportunity to avoid a double death.

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