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OMG SEX - Modern Roadster

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First off I just implemented HDR lighting + bloom into the engine, screens to come.

Now...Feast your eyes on this bad boy.



It just screams "gangsterr-vee-hickle", circua 1920s/'30s....I love it. I want tp sex this car. Don't you try and stop me.

I will be pwning nwbs out of this bad boy soon enough. This is the 2nd car out of ~24. Yes...That means there is much more to come.

This model is still missing door handles, key locks, rear-view mirror, etc...but still...jesus that's a hot ride.

Yea, I get to play director, and mark up concept art! This is really fun. For some reason that guy just screamed tourist for me. *shrugs*

3 Male Civilian concept drawings...

- Danny
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That tourist guy needs the face of the character to the right of him - it's too tough-guy looking for someone usually lost and out to see the sights

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Yea but tourists are typically angry, and therefore more fun to mow down en-mass via AK-47.

::Evil eyes::

It's just a game >:)

Good point though...I doubt that facial expression will translate into the model phase since I have full facial animation rigging, the facial expressions are not hard-coded.

- Danny

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Just don't forget to put a big red X on the back of his jacket... He'll undoubtedly be running from my gangsta ass and I don't want to miss him.

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Having ridden along in one, I dunno if the Plymouth Prowler has 1930s gangster panache as much as it does "this is really hard to steer" panache.

The little trailer is kind of cool, though.

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