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I guess it's worth an update

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Well, I'm finally giving Bola's drawing code a bit of an overhaul. I've changed how the program deals with and stores the mouse input. This is tricky because I have to take into account the zoom, the image offset, the scroll bars, and the private image offset each images has for drawing itself aligned to all the others. I think I cut down on use of the operator/() by 90% now. [grin] The mouse coordinates are now being kept in the buffer's coordinate space (pre zoomed and aligned to the camera) which saves more headaches than it causes. I still need to clean up a few odd calculations causing slight drawing bugs from changing the mouse handling system just now. This code needs way more comments ...

I'm doing this in preperation for adding the bounding box editing. I struggled with how to handle that. First idea was to maybe make the child windows that can be clicked and dragged around for purposes of placement on the image. But that was too complicated. I'm thinking more now that I'll just keep a list of the boxes and draw them straight on the image, and write my own code for detecting if the cursor is over an edge/corner, and handle the clicking and dragging myself. I'll try to have a start on that before I leave in a few hours. Once the bounding box editing is done, it will be more than functional for TMS, but I'm going to make the drawing more 1337 for future projects. Next after the bounding box editing will be better control over the onion skinning. I need a scroll bar for adjusting it.

I'm also going to have a crack at drawing the old "crawling ants" style of bounding rectangle. Basically just to make the drawing area look lest amateurish. I guess put it on a timer or something.

I also watched a few movies of World of Warcraft gameplay. Looking good. I'm all over that when it comes out.
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