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Enemy Territory

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I have taken some time of from coding to setup my own enemy territory clan. Why you ask? well it started as a joke on the nma clan server because I changed my name to idk.d!ablo. Everyone was asking me what idk. stands of and if they could join. In the end my friend also added this tag before his name(idk.sm!thay) and it has grow from there. We now have 5 members and I have just created a website for the clan (www.idkclan.net).

My mates verision of the birth of idk. is much better tho(most of its not true):
Saterday - Stefan , who had been quite quite recently came to me in the morning and said 'Giles , i 
have a dream! i wish for an online utopian sociaty of elete super gamers who live in harmony and
fight for the greater good. Where there is evil they shall smite it! where there is pestelance they
shall clense it! And where there are noubs, they shall own them!' he contrited that in the 21st
century people didnt want heros. and only celebrated medeocrocy. I told him 'Stefan!, i shall create
this sociaty you ask of me! and i shall name it 'irrational deaths knights' ' And so i have created a
clan with stefan . We went about recuting members we currently have just under 10 people. Stefan
has made a websight www.idkclan.net and is hosting an enemy territory server. I did some wangling
with igod and hes created a seperate script for idk members on the nma server. So over weekend
me and stefan bolsterd our troops and pwned with them achieving many victorys. on one particular
occasion on caen we where losing badly for 28 minutes ,so i sent all my crew in for one last push ,
while i outflanked the enimy and crept into there base, stealing the gold and winning the map in the
dying minute! im also planning a scrim for next week if we can get enogh training in.

I challenge you to read all that D:

Anyway, next week I start the long hard days of college again, yippee.

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