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MicroOS Core Kernel Rewrite

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MicroOS Core Kernel Rewrite

Well... I decided to rewrite MicroOS to reflect it off the OS Development Series. The source will be publicity available for non commercial use.

In rewriting MicroOS, I am naming it MicroOS2. It's name is NOT because it had a microkernel, but rather, because its originating platform was for microcomputers.

Hence, MicroOS2 Expands to "Microcomputer Operating System 2".; or "MOS".

It will be a long while until I get something useful in it. As it is going to be the OS of study for the OS Development Series, Everything within the series will be written the in OS--Most likely more.

Currently, it is self hosting / bootable, with its own 2 stage bootloader (The one used in the OS Development Series), that which loads a PE executable (Generated by MSVC++ 2005), which is the Kernel.

More to come... ...Im too tired right now.
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