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Back in the saddle

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Mike Bossy


Been a little busy with RL again lately so no dev updates. I do have a job update though. After quitting my job I sent a quick feeler email out to my local tech friends network and got a bunch of job leads. Since I do have a kid and mortgage to look after I didn't want to take too long to get into the job hunt so I followed up on a couple of leads and landed a new job already. I start on Monday. Ends up giving me a two week break which has been enough to chill with the family but not too much that I feel too lazy :)

It's a Sr.PM position at a fairly major web company that just opened up an office here in Seattle. It's still in the web 2.0 space which is what I wanted and it's a step up at the same time. To top it off they're a .NET shop so it fits my skill set far better than a rails or java shop. The only downside is that the company isn't as small as I'd have hoped but it's still in the realm of a couple hundred people instead of 70,000 so I can live with it. All in all quitting my job worked out really well, although I wouldn't suggest doing that as a career advancement technique too often. :)

On the tech nerd front I've spent most of this week re-organizing my home LAN. The main piece was to add a FreeBSD machine to act as a SVN server/firewall/file server/VPN gateway. I had my media center machine doing most of this but it was getting a little overloaded. Also I was almost out of HD space so I stuck a couple of 500gig drives in the new server using RAID-1 for a little data security.

This was my first experience with any *BSD OS and so far I'm super impressed. It's a lot lighter weight than any Linux distro I've run in the past and surprisingly easy to set up.
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Congrats on the new job. At least with a bigger company you can (hopefully) be sure that they're a little more established and better managed than they were at your last job.

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