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Sept 06 - Some New Artwork

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Busy coding...code...code...code. *head explodes*

I might as well dump the artwork screenshots out...I can't just keep them for myself :-D

I received one other model, though I sent it back for slight modifications, I'll post it soon, it's a re-make of an older latino gangster model.

Irish gangster A -
My shader

From the artist

Cuban gangster A -
My shader

From the artist

Biker gangster A -
My shader

From the artist

Concept Art -
Irish Gangster B-

Citizen Female A -

Citizen Female B -

Citizen Female C -

Citizen Male C -

.38 Special

Hunting knife

I had a crazy idea about some new kind of shadow algorithm...or rather a better way of packing shadow maps...using an atlas and rendering the shadow weighting values into one of the atlas corners, and using the other 3 as normal shadow maps of increasingly larger size, the last one being the entire game world, they would not be updated every frame, and I think if the texture atlas was large enough, say 4096x4096 it might work out quite well...still you'd have to render the scene 3 times....arg I'm tired of typing...lets just say I've been thinking a lot about it lately, and I wish I had time to explore this idea I had, but I'm probably just going to do an improvement of some kind of frustum aligned CSM, with 2 textures...it can look good w/ a 2k^2 and a 1k^2 if you place them correctly, and also I can avoid 2 scene draws by sorting the geometry by shadow map.


Back to work, or sleep...not sure which one.
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There's something about the first gangster, the irish one, that looks ... well, unholy. It's the eyes, they're strange (read: glowing). Even though his eyes are in the shadow of his hat, they have a reflection in them.

Is that right? It just looks a little ... well, not quite right.

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Less specularity please! Those models are nice but the specularity is almost as bad as in FarCry: plastic skin and clothes. Remember, sometimes less is more.

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Keep up the good work! But also take care of your health, please :) Btw, how is your body building going?

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