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So the tube strike was a complete flop, almost hilariously so. Despite my usual trip to work and back taking two tube lines, everything was working well enough to be only a few minutes slower than usual. Ha - they can't even organise a strike properly!

Map Editor
Progress on the map editor is slow but steady, which is nice. I can now load and save projects and maps, which is a big chunk of work I've been avoiding (I *hate* writing load/save routines). Next I've got to expand the project to allow redefining the basic level elements (and save/load this info), which shouldn't be too tricky, and then all that remains from phase 1 is writing the export functionality.

Since maps are saved as a fairly comprehensive xml format, most people probably don't want to use it directly in game so a game-specific export is going to be a good idea. I'm planning on using Beanshell so that people can write export scripts in Java, then point the project at the java source. Beanshell will then interpret the script (so no annoying compile process) passing in the various map structures to be exported.

And that'll be phase 1 done! At which point I start changing Rescue Squad to make use of the new map format and get back to Rescue Squad development proper. [grin]

BT should be fixing up out new phone line next week, so that means we'll get internet access back and I'll actually be able to post picture here. Yay!
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