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In the future there will be only one letter

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Really didn't get up to much today. I did work on drawing a vertex buffer using an index buffer, though, and that works.

I also thought more about writing a generic serializer; this is going to require me to think more about it before I can make a decent stab at it. I think it will be kind of cool, though.

As usual, I added a bit of other stuff to the Afterglow design document; mostly solidifying names and working on some of the locations in the game. I think I'm going to have a pretty killer game to go along with the killer new engine, and I'm excited about it.

In Novarunner news, I'm still working on the GUI screens on the station, but I didn't get much done on it today because I have to think a bit more about how the trading screens will work and how to get drag & drop working from IMGUI. I'll probably get at least the commodities trading screen working, though, since that's relatively easy (but requires a bit of work in the inventory system to accomplish it).
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