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Setting up MSVC++ without runtime

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Considering that I am already setting up the MSVC++ 2005 envirement, and C++, to work at Kernel level (Without run time support), I decided that I am going to work on this tutorial next.

I know some members may be interested in setting up MSVC++ 2005 to work without the runtime, so why not?

Also, I can go over setting up so that C++ will work properly under MSVC++ 2005 in kernel land.

After all, remember that--while we are using C++, we are still in Ring 0? We still have access to every single little thing from within C++ -- And, there is still no such thing as an access violation[cool]

This also gives me a chance to going over loading PE programs, and executing the C++ kernel main entry routine directly from our 2 stage bootloader, along with the PE file format.
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