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Yay, more broken-ness

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I started to implement lighting for '3D Pipes in Direct3D 10' today (I've basically grouped together the lighting framework for the 'alpha 2' release).

The first thing was to add a per-vertex normal to both types of forward renderer - easy enough job, but hooking up the IA signatures and so on requires a little care and attention.

The above screenshot is looking directly down the light's direction. However it's blatantly obvious that the lighting is *NOT* correct. You can see the boundaries between different segments which shouldn't be the case - there should be a uniform N•L shading.

I've yet to really look into why (it's dinner time for me [grin]) but I'm suspecting it's the normal transformation matrices, which will stem from my earlier problems. Oh well - so much to having that one fixed [rolleyes].
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