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Button my radio

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I got radio buttons working in Novarunner as a pre-run for the shop screen, which will use radio buttons to filter what items will be visible.
While you can't see it in the screenshot, the active button does pulse, which makes it easier to see which option is active than the shot lets on.

What's next is probably an actually finished shop screen, with icons and everything. I just need to work out the data flow for it, and then the particulars of the controller itself.

Using MVC is really quite nice for this; I can compartmentalize transactions and clearly look at the bugs as opposed to having the video code sandwiched in there. I highly recommend it to anyone.

What else is up? I dunno. I spent most of today taking old TVs and PCs to the recycler. I now have one less P200, and one less 1972 console TV.

I'm also finally finishing off Stand Alone Complex and catching up on my Animal Crossing.
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