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Post Rock - Russian Circles

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Last week I went to gig.

Headline - Russian Circles

Supported by these monsters and worriedaboutsatan

I never knew there was a scene for the whole God Speed!-esque music. It feels like I have been reborn.

So yes, I cancelled my WoW account. I have 2 weeks of play left, but being that I haven't played for almost 2 weeks, it's probably not going to get used up. The sad thing is that I'd still be playing if Blizzard hadn't made it so shit-boring in the level 40-50 range. It's a critical time, I think - you have your mount and are getting good gear, but if the quests and areas are shit, you stop playing... well I did, plenty of others just go through it. Perhaps I'm just not 'hardcore' enough. I'm looking at EVE online during it's trial period - can honestly say that it's gorgeous, but it doesn't have me hooked. Perhaps the post-WoW hangover is making me less eager to play MMO games.

The amusing thing about playing games now is that I've realised there's LITTLE point in me trying to make them - quite simply I know that I'll never reach anything like the depth or quality of the commericial offerings, and I'm not imaginative enough to make anything 'original' that others will play. I'll probably still try stuff again at some point, but it's rather sobering knowing that nobody else gives a shit about your work. I guess we do it for ourselves these days, or at least I do. I'm not as talented/dedicated as half the people in these journals working on games.
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I never knew there was a scene for the whole God Speed!-esque music. It feels like I have been reborn.
Are all 3 of the bands you listed along the god speed lines? I liked the bits I heard (whichever album the '28 days later' theme comes from) but thought they were a tad boring... should check their peers out if they have some [smile]

As for the whole not bothering to make your own games anymore... yeah, I can see where you're coming from. But there are still two perfectly valid routes:

1. You make simple games, like Silverlight/Flash web apps, maybe some simple mobile phone J2ME stuff. Even go as far as some XNA:GSE type things. Don't even try competing with the big shot AAA titles, just have some fun as a minnow.

2. Work on the technology or theory side. I like to think that the samples/articles/books/whatever that I get involved in might help the AAA pro's in some way. Or even just the 'little guy' - I can have fun messing with the same toys without trying to create such amazing things with them.


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I'm hoping people will agree with me here, but I have worked in the games industry for several years now and I still go home and do my own thing and really enjoy making little demos. The problem with a lot of games that you work on professionally now is the fact they are too big so you can end up working on something that is very important to the game, but there's no direct feedback from it so you lose some of that gratification. I can imagine that happens a lot with a project the size of WoW.

Nothing quite compares to loading up a demo at home knowing you wrote every single part of it. So I say stick with smaller projects because it's the only way to improve your skill set and can give you the most enjoyment.

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