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Back again

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Oh well... a lot of things have happened:

First of all, I dropped the Sacred 2 contract I had. I was happy to work with all the people of Studio 2 / Ascaron. I put a lot of personal implication into the project but finally, things didn't look like expected. I had a lot of discussions about my concerns and basically, they have the same opinion. Even though I not someone who keeps silent when he sees a problem, I almost begged me to stay. I finally decided not to stay, for two reasons:

1. I signed a contract with a german music label to develop their business software. This allows me to only work one month out of two. I talked about this to my wife and it was ok for her :) Lucky me :)

2. I want to develop my own game. Point 1 plus the fact that we have enough money so that I don't really need a job for more than a year led my wife to give her ok to my plans. So, I started working on my new indie project.

If everything works out as expected, I can work on my game every two month. I gave myself at least 6 month to create an prototype and to decide in which way I want to distribute the game itself.

I already started to write the game design document (because I want to have a something to stick to; such long term projects cannot go without an design document, even if you're the only programmer on the project).

I carefully tried to chose a theme and genre that isn't yet used to death and which I really like. I'll not tell you the theme yet (a little bit of suspense must be kept) but I'll give you the genre: It'll be a turn based strategy game.

Plans are to create a turn based strategy engine (something that I already started some years ago but which I had to drop due to job stuff) which can be reutilized multiple times. I'll try to keep it as data driven as possible, but you never know...

The game will be mission based and contain some role playing elements (your entities will get better over time and you'll have to chose between different capabilities for them).

I'll add multiplayer support but I still don't know if I'll write a matchmaking server or not.

The graphic view will be isometric although it's entirely in 3D. You'll have the possibility to rotate the view.

After several years of developing my own game engine, I now decided to not continue this. I spent 90% of my time programming the engine instead of the games I wanted to program. Also, there are some very good engines out there. I decided to use the Ogre engine for the gfx part. I already know the engine because I took a good look at it several times when I had to decide how to implement some stuff for my own 3D renderer. The sound part will be FMod, I think. XSI 6.01 is my choice for the 3d modeller.

I'll try to write at least 2 times per week (perhaps even more often).

Have fun,
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