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As promised....

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Emmanuel Deloget


Well, see below to read something which is barely related to the title of this post.

My coverage of the GCDC'07 is on the way. It should appear sometimes today, and contains a lot of things. I would like to thank both Drew (that forgave me my slowness) and Felix Kerger (Mirlix on GameDev.Net) who (unexpectedly) helped me during the conference. That was very nice from him.

I met another (French) GameDev.Net guy in Leipzig - but unfortunatly I have lost contact with him (mstly because my small brain have some problem to recall his name; I'm ashamed). That's really unfortunate because we had interesting talks about graphic engines, and I'd like to continue the discussions). So, please, guy, the next time you log on GDnet and read this journal entry, please, please, PM me! (or send me an email - I think I gave you have my business card; I hope).

Speaking of conferences, there is a good chance that I will attend both the Game Connection Lyon (a business related event, the meeting kind; I'll use this opportunity to speak to developers and publishers) and the Lyon GDC. I believe that both events are going to be teh cool.

In my latest post here (yeah, the one from saturday) I promised you a screenshot of the incredible XNA/C# Maze Generator. And this journal post is featuring said screenshot.

I believe it's the first screenshot I even feature in my journal...

But even cooler, I'm posting the code that allows you to play. There is no victory condition, and there is nothing such as a failure. It just display a maze, the minimap, and features you as an orange dot (that's a bit weird, I know... forgot to say that the shot features programmer art). Only on maze is generated for every run of the program - you'll have to quit and relauch to generate another maze. The software runs in windowed 800x600. You can change that in ex_MazeGame\MazeGame.cs - just modify these lines to whatever you want. For the screenshot, I used fullscreen 1680x1050.
  private const int ScreenWidth = 800;
private const int ScreenHeight = 600;
private const bool fullScreen = false;
There is not much polishing - it's really a bare example of what I could do with my Pawn library - whose latest code is also included in the archive. I'm planning to improve everything and to ultimately feature a fully functionnal game (and to include my in-progress D20 lib, which is also excerpted from the C# workshop).

Ok, time for the screeny. Click the image to get the real size one!

And time for the code: 20070910-GDnet_CS_WorkShop.rar!

Note: obviously, you'll need XNA Game Studio Express to build the code. Both the 1.0 and 1.0 refresh are able to build the project.

On a side note, I received a mail from Multi 3D Animation Limited, a 3D animation company located in Hong Kong. I don't know what to do with that, so I decided to give you th link. Feel free to visit them (although I'm sure sure about what to visit here...).

Multi 3D Animation Limited
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Now my slowness comes into play :P GCDC coverage could be up as late as Wed, but hopefully I'll get it posted tonight

Cool screenshot

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