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Code Goes To Pot

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Recently, I have been spending much more time looking at other's code than writing my own. Often, I am translating code from one language to another.

What really comes clear to me is that a developer usually has the best of intentions on being organized, but by the end is just throwing in code to git-r-done.

At this point, restructuring would be a bigger effort than developing in the first place.

And this, friends, is the state in which most of the code in most of the world exists in... or at least the stuff I've worked with.

Plenty of steaming piles of code. Yes, they work. Sometimes barely, and usually not with maximum efficiency.

I've learned to solve rubik's cubes. I've even memorized all of the sequences necessary to go from a single side solved to a completely solved cube. Yay for me.
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I remember watching "That's Incredible" or one of those other crappy early 80's shows. They showed a world-record attempt at solving a Rubic's Cube.

Even before I knew about NP-completeness, I thought that was stupid. The time it takes to solve a cube depends on the scrambling, and how well a person does on a world record attempt depends as much on luck as skill.

Anyway, back to memorizing Pac Man patterns.

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