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Splatting 4 textures

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Black Knight


Added support for 4 textures with the shaders.I added the texture weights to each vertex and calculated them based on slope and height.It runs at 40FPS on the radeon x550 ill try how fast it runs on the geforce 7600 gt and look for ways to improve the performance.
I guess I can stop using splatting for terrain patches that are far away but then i need to use a color map to represent those parts.
I'll try to add 4 textures for each patch so that I can have unlimited texture overall on the terrain but a maximum of 4 different textures per patch.This way I can have green plains on one part of the map,lava and marshlands on another corner of the map.
I uploaded the editor to my GD space if anyone tests it please tell me how fast it runs.

Data Files
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Thank you :)
That looks like newer cards don't have any problems with multiple textures and fillrate.
Though the performace drops when I changed the vertex buffer to dynamic to be able to modify it in the editor.
I'll make it static in the game I guess so It will only effect the editor.

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