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Pathetic little problems

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I am currently on chapter 6 in the Game Programming Module 1 (C++) course. We are working with char / strings. It is irritating that I am having trouble with simple algorithms such as reversing a string :(
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Just remember, 'Take it one step at a time.'

Sometimes, when we think we know it all, or we hit a certain comfort level, we start to blaze through the easiest problems while ending in confusion. Step back, grab a piece of paper, and write out the process in as simple terms as you can. Once you have the concept, use other tools to make that concept faster.

Good luck, and stay motivated! You'll get it.

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You may think it's not so important but this is one of the standard game industry programmer job test questions! :D So it must catch quite a few people out.

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Thank you for the responses, you are probably right, it seemed so trivial that I did rush through it. I really do need to take the time to write these down before I try to program them...

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Well, that's just it. When you do go for that job interview some day and they ask you a question, they are going to want to see how you think through your problems. Get a head start, and start grabbing that piece of paper to think thoroughly through the problem BEFORE you write a single line of code.

It may feel mundane now, but once the problems become more complex you'll need to write out the problem before coding it. Unless you're some coding mastermind.

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