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Hosting frustration

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I grow frustrated.

My old tried-n-true hosting provider for thecodezone, crazywebhosting.com, is giving me fits. I know it's really more of an avocation rather than a vocation for its owners, but it's just one thing after another.

First off, things just sort of randomly go down (as you might've noticed if you had a failed login or score submit on the daily puzzles). Next, they tend to just do things without announcing it. For example, a while back they switched things to "PHP safe mode" without telling me, causing some of my stuff to break. When I griped at 'em about it, though, they seemed to feel it was my fault for using "unsafe" code even though I didn't know what that unsafe code was.

Honestly I had the same problems with zwave (the guys hosting gamedev). Gamedev takes up all their bandwidth and machines, so they gave it all their attention. They apparently wanted to position themselves as a general hosting company quite some time ago, but they never really gave it full attention. Hence stuff like support fell by the wayside and billing went by the honor system.

And, unfortunately, that seems to be happening to my current hosts.

So I'm looking elsewhere. I'm not excited about the possibility because I know it'll be at least a week of pushing and pulling until everything's working right again, so I'm sticking with inertia now.

I'm taking a hard look at mediatemple.net right now. They're about twice as expensive as my current host, but it appears that you can host more than one domain on a single account. So if I bundle up shatnerology.com (or just cast that to the wind) and civilgrrl.com, I'll actually end up saving money in the long run. At least that's if I'm reading things correctly.

Also I got a card promising three months free, so I can probably get everything working behind-the-scenes and then make transferring the domain name the last step.

I probably ought to call 'em up and find out what'd be involved as far as running a Java daemon on their site. I'm thinking of eventually running Electroserver on the site for an as-yet-unannounced super-uber-secret project currently codenamed "ICH" (for "Insert Codename Here"). Looking at some of their hosted sites (particularly this one, which is very cool), it looks like it's just a matter of working with 'em on some kind of colocation agreement.

Any suggestions? Anything you see on the mediatemple site that gives you pause?
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IMHO, Dreamhost is one of the better providers out there; there's a lot of sites out there that run on Dreamhost and a few minutes of Googling should be able to find you a coupon code for a damned good deal on hosting.

You can also get shell access on the virtual servers, which should entitle you to run a daemon if you please.

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I've been using Brinkster for almost 7 years now and can't think of anything to complain about. They always give me plenty of notice in regards to server downtime, email service downtime, architecture changes (like your server's switch to PHP safe mode). And that doesn't happen all that often. I remember a few instances where my email hosting seemed slow or unavailable, but not for a while now, and I can't ever remember my Blade Edge site being offline due to server issues. They even switched their whole plan service around and never forced me to upgrade out of my original old plan (maybe cause they get more money off me this way, heh).

Oh yea and when I've had issues I've always been able to use their live chat system to talk to a support rep and get things cleared up in minutes. The few times I've had to email them I've gotten prompt responses across the board.

Anyways that's my suggestion

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