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Today I did not much, other than rebuild the Propane Injector roadmap (yes, I will eventually get v1.0 out) and working on removing the vestiges of the Lua scripting engine from Novarunner.

After that was done, I did some miscellaneous refactorings (turning on all the warnings and making sure everything still worked, cleaning up a nasty bit of input code, and eliminating HACKs and TODOs where possible). It's not glamorous, but it needs to be done to get ready for the future.

Tomorrow, I will work on the various menu screens, including the "player status" screen (which allows you to see and jettison inventory as well as see your progress) and some other stuff. I hope to at least get a stub interface of the outfitter up and running.

The outfitter requires two new controls: the text box (for searching by name) and the iconic button (for seeing a visual preview of the item you are about to buy). Other than that, it's bog standard and it should look very appealing while also being done very quickly.

I also pre-ordered the Orange Box today. Outside of Portal, it looks like it's easily worth the cash.
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Original post by Ravuya
I also pre-ordered the Orange Box today. Outside of Portal, it looks like it's easily worth the cash.

If possible, I'm going to just get Portal off of Stream separately. Episode 2 looks semi-interesting, but Portal is where the real party is.

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Portal actually looks pretty terrible to me; I'm getting the Orange Box for Team Fortress 2.

Getting Episode 1 & 2 is just a side bonus; I was playing Episode 1 last night.

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