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A Plethora of Games

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Well, developer submitted links have tapered off in the last week or so. This is a good indication that relying on submitted links is not feasible. It seems I'm going to have to knock it up a notch.

Unfortunately, knocking it up a notch kind of puts me in some legal gray areas of what is considered 'free use'. Google has won some judgments regarding copyright infringements on storing and displaying cached data of websites. This makes me a bit more comfortable with what I'm going to do.

I will be importing data from quite a few large games sites into my search engine's database. What is cool is that I can automate much of it. In fact, game links will be added to the service automatically when those sites release new games. This will increase the value of my site considerably.

I think it's worth the risk. Hopefully, I can create something that will benefit the GameDev community, and it will be visible enough for them to support.
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I'd submit more links, but I've run out of games.

Once I finish another game, you'll get another link. [wink]

I guess I could always submit other people's games as well.

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Ravuya, I think you have to be one of the most helpful individuals at GameDev. I appreciate that you have submitted all of your games. Perhaps I can pay back such generosity in the future.

I definitely need to increase the value of the site. Users want lots of games and developers want lots of users. If I can attract more users to the site, then perhaps developers will see more value in submitting their games.

There are quite a few game sites out there that offer several ways to keep informed about their new games and get listings on all of their current games. I could automate adding those games. Those sites rarely have all the information that I display on my site, but I figure it may be beneficial to add everything I can and just edit the listings later. It wouldn't be hard to keep track of which ones have been edited and which ones haven't.

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