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ActionRPG minor update

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armor drops now. there's a 33.3% chance of each of the 3 drops. it would make more sense for a weight like [potion:50%|sword:25%|armor:25%] but who cares right now. i took some damage to get that one, but the next hit will do i think 1 damage, if the darknut's attack is 80. damage = attack - defense, but can be no less than 1.

if you die somehow, you have to push the re-init button that appears, and all of the scores are reset. i wasn't expecting that behavior, but i was happy to see it happen. it feels a little more like a game now. it's still got a ways to go though.

next i'm going to change the InitDarknut function to SpawnDarknut and have a more than one of the buggers swinging away. not sure about after that. i have a decent todo list now, so i can keep myself busy with this for a bit longer before i come up against any walls.

till next time!
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