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One year

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The Return

So it has been one year exactly since I last wrote to this journal. I think I've been neglecting it a little bit. I had planned to put together some kick ass visuals, plans and general content for today but I never got round to it. Instead I've been writing out my plans and drawing sketches with pen and pencil.

I was tempted to write about what has been hapening in my life but it's really not that interesting (at least to the average journal reader I guess). I'll write about what's to come as that should be more exciting.

New Project

Okay how many times have you heard this one. So far though I've been working on lots of mini projects and I've finally decided I'm ready to start on the big one that I've had in my head for 5 years. The fact that I've only seen one thing vaguely similar is reassuring and I really hope people will be interested in it. Got to get some materials ready though before I announce it here.

I'll also try and create a good format for my journal with pics/design/discussion/code all taken in to account.

Other Stuff

* I'm in Japan now.
* I'm going to try Open Solaris out.
* Lots of other stuff here but too tired to think after work.


Am I the only one thinking that the journals haven't evolved (feature wise} in quite some time. They serve their purpose well but they could do so much more. I'm thinking of what marketting people call Web 2.0 but everyone else knows is a cludge of technologies. I mean cludge in the nicest possible way. There's some things that don't belong on a facebook profile but could on a gamedev journal/profile.

Here's some ideas just to get you thinking.

+ Personal Image Gallery
+ Developer Networks/Teams
+ Surveys / Voting

It's not really needed but you never know...
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Recommended Comments

I've been wanting to have a personal poll per journal for a while, as it would really liven things up. A poll would be a great way to get feedback on decisions they need to make for their current project. Or you could run polls like the current one I have over at my site at trazoi.net (cake vs. pie).

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I went for pie! I think people are a lot more likely to click a button than post a comment so with the exposure you can get on a journal it would be great.

Thanks for the comment :D

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Hey those are actually very good ideas. However I don't think anyone would go through the trouble of implementing that just because it is "neat". The journals are functional and okay right now...


Well, you *could* simulate those things yourself. Maybe start a trend here :)
You could have direct clickys to vote on off-site polls, like Trapperzoid's, and in the journal header have a "latest images from the gallery"-thingy and hm I dunno, a team roster or something?

BTW welcome back, and I'm sure lots of people would happily give their quad-cores to move to Japan! :P I know I would.

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I would be happy if the journals emailed you when someone posted a comment on them. Sometimes by the time I realize someone commented it's weeks later.

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Mmm quad core! I've been to Akihabara (the technology capital of Tokyo) so many times now and it's unbelievable the range of shops they have. There must be at least 10 custom PC stores with some really neat rigs... if I was staying here longer I'd definitely pick up a new machine. Haven't seen the super-duper new quad core Xeons yet though :(

Oh and if you love anime it's crazy what they have over here.

Off site linkage wouldn't be bad at all, I may look in to it. I wonder can you put a form on your journal that posts to an external website, generate an image of the results there and then link to that image from your journal too. Was tempted to write facebook apps but there are far too many of them already!

A agree on the comments thing too, not sure I'd want an e-mail though as it gets annoying after a while. Need to have a notification service that you can send all your notifyer e-mails too then have a quick login to check all your websites you use or integrate it in to a little app that sits in the systray.

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