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Squirrel -again-

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With my new -refactored- engine called Nabla, I have started to create a scriptable front-end type thingy-ma-jig. This is basically what I did before with squirrel-script, but this time I intend to release the result so that other people can use the full scriptable front-end.

The scripted engine will consisit of the following structure:
+ config.cfg
+ main.nut
+ irrKlang.dll
+ {ikpMP3.dll}
+ FreeImage.dll
+ xmlParser.dll
+ script.exe
+ includes/nabla.nut
+ includes/...allotherengineincludes.nut

config.cfg contains startup information such as which interfaces to use, screen size & screen title.

main.nut is the "entry" script which contains your scripted code - It must dofile ("includes/nabla.nut");

script.exe This what calls the script and makes everything work.

Currently Only basic graphic features have been done...DrawImage, LoadImage, etc
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