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Map Export Go!

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I added export functionality to my editor over the weekend, which mostly involves intergrating Beanshell and defining a suitable interface for the scripts to run in. The only tricky part was piping the script output to a console within the app but that seems to be working nicely now.

I've also got an export script which outputs maps in a new format ready to load into Rescue Squad. It's different from the existing level format (since the old format was geared towards hand-written levels and makes some awkward shortcuts for the sake of simplicity, so I'll have to rewrite that bit in the game to load the new format. The nice thing about the exporter is that the settings are saved with the project so you only have to point it at the script and output dirs once, then you can just hit the handy "export" button and have them game-ready and in the appropriate data dir in moments. [grin]

This weekend I'm either going to work on Rescue Squad stuff with the new editor or finish off the final bits of functionality in the editor. And if all goes well I'll be able to show off some nice shiny new levels which don't require lots of tedious working out of coordinates by hand.
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