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Tutorial 14 Update

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Got the new computer parts!

...Now I just need to put it together. Hope everything goes well!

OS Development Series :: Tutorial 14 Update

I am to be honest have not worked on the tutorial last 2 days... I have been kind of busy. I have also been thinking of certain design issues that I will face along with the tutorials.

Nonetheless, after I set up my computer today or tomorrow, I plan on working on the tutorial throughout this weekend. It is about 90% completed. I want to add more content to it, though, to explain some of the tricker concepts.

An example of a tricker concepts is that, MSVC++ places all ctors inside an initializer array of function pointers within a special section within the executable. We need to add this section ourselves by using MSVC++'s linker, so that the initializer section does not get stripped out.

The upcoming tutorial is different then other tutorials, as it explains more of how to set up the envirement, then anything else. Most of the MSVC++ options does not need changing. Others CAN be changed, but may or may not work depending on how you have constructed your system to work. The "May not work" does not include the select few options that require changing...Those always seem to work just fine.

By "An option not working" useually means that it will either result into a hardware exception, or a triple fault for various of reasons.


As the tutorial is 90% completed, after final reviews, it should be up this weekend, and will explain everything in further detail[smile]

'Til then...[looksaround]

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