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Evil Steve


Woo, I got a bit of an MD5 model loading and rendering properly at last, I can now show the bind pose for one mesh. At the moment I'm just writing part of my model convertor program, so it's just storing one frame of animation in the file (Since the model format is currently keyframe only). I want to change the loader to combine the vertices and triangles for all the meshes in the file.

Once I've got that working, I'll create a new version of my model format, one that can take skinned meshes, and I'll try to get that working. My idea is to support skinned and keyframed meshes just now, and I can see if there's any performance difference. Most likely I'll just support both.

I also really need to learn quaternions. I know a little about them; they represent a rotation about an axis, and I know that they're used in MD5 models. Other than that I'm just copy & pasting code to make them work, which is bad.

I'd also like to find out how the shader in the .md5mesh file relates to the materials, since the shaders referenced don't seem to exist. Then I can copy the same shaders as used by the MD5 models, and do things like normal mapping.
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