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C'mon people, think

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Okay, minor rant about install programs here. If your installer has an option that makes no damn sense, then leave it out!

This is prompted by my recent download of Microsoft Expression Media 1.0 SP1, formerly iView Pro. Notwithstanding the fact that I had to first uninstall Expression 1.0, the installer presented me with three options. . .

minimal install
custom install
complete install

Not knowing if "minimal" was gonna not install something I might want, and assuming that "complete" would install Swahili language files or something else I didn't want, I went with "custom". There I learned that I had ONE check-able option, which was to install Microsoft Expression Media 1.0 SP1.

Now then, it doesn't take a lot of thought to realize this makes no damn sense. If I un-checked this option, then the installer would install nothing at all. Furthermore, that means that "minimal" and "complete" installs were exactly the same. This entire install-step of asking me "how much" of the product to install was completely pointless. The installer should have just skipped this step directly, but I'm certain that somebody's install-wizard-generator has this panel turned on by default, so they just stuck with it.

Although I guess I'm sympathetic. The project-lead has an active blog out there, and apparently they inherited a lot of bugs when they acquired the product. I reviewed the product in its pre-acquisition form a couple of years ago, and it had problems rendering some truetype fonts that's still not fixed. As long as bugs are actually getting fixed, it's a step in the right direction.

And it's still a better product than Adobe Bridge.
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One of the agonizing things about the new Microsoft installers is that they offer two options: "Default" and "Custom".

If you pick Custom, often the only option you get is where to store the files.

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