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Hard week...

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Gosh... what a week I had. Every day I had to work from 8 am to 9 pm.

Had some urgent changes to add to the Ford application. Unfortunately there are still some issues hanging around but that's mainly stuff to test new hardware at their warehouse. I still have some stuff to programm there and (unfortunately again) I only have time left in the evenings to do that. So next week will start as it ended last week.

We also started working on the project for the music label. Basically it's a specialized business solution based upon JBoss Rules and a lot of java classes. We're using Spring and Hibernate to exchange data with the DB. There're a lot of new things for me in here, so I have to learn a lot...

Also, CCNA restarted last week... I didn't have any time to go there :( These 2 CCNAs will be hard, I presume.

For my game I finally took a decision where my game takes place. Although the game city itself will have "imaginary" names, I want it to based upon some real location. After some searching I stumbled upon this nice town: "Kill Devil Hills". For google earth fans it's located at : 36? 1'50.02"N 75?40'33.66"W

It's a small town but there's a small airport and it's directly at the coast so that I can easily add a small harbour to it. Those are two regions I need for the history in my game. Although the town is quite small, I'll hope to stuff a nice part of it into my game. It should look quite big since the game locations aren't necessary beside each other...

That's all for now,
have fun,
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