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Maybe it'll be something big, and maybe it'll fizzle into nothingness. It's (yes, that's deal dot com dot com, which makes no damn sense, I'm sure cost nine million dollars).

And it's a woot knockoff. Or at least it appears to be, because that's what it sounds like. It starts in three days.

Oh, and they've got an affiliate program that pays you a ridiculous sum (like 35%) if you use your referral ID. Of course that suggests that the stuff they'll be selling is UTTER CRAP, but again we'll see.

And their affiliate program is two tiered (read: pyramid scheme), so the folks signing up first get the most. And I've never been on the start of a pyramid scheme. I'va always been up for it, but it always seems to be well established by the time I join and I know I'll be one of those suckers who joins at the top and gets nothing.

But in this case, I'm in at the ground floor. Or somewhat close to the ground I guess. And you'll be close to the ground because you're gonna sign up too. With this address.

And don't think you can just strip out those numbers and join because it's invite only right now. Of course, you could always swap that number for another number and give the 35% of who-knows-what to someone else, but I want you to give it to me because I've almost never been on the ground floor of a shady deal like this. AND YOU OWE ME!

I've been giving you game development advice of dubious quality for nigh on ten years now, and I'm gonna have a contest next March where I give YOU presents for the tenth birthday of this worthless blog. And it'll be good sponsored presents too. Not just a pile of leftover trade-show crap laying around.

So sign your ass up. It's free and doesn't require any credit card numbers or anything and if I make a couple of shekels on the deal well then you will too and if we don't then we're not out anything.

So click that link and get on the ground floor of something that will most likely flop.

Do it for me.
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