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break time

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ive decided to take a break from captain courgette for a couple of weeks (to see how its going see the gameplay vids on www.zedzeek.com) , bit of a holiday, write music, drink wine, watch films, lift weights + of course even in holiday mode i cant resist programming (thus today decide to look at another game of mine 'attack of the smilies 'a week in the life''

now its weak points were (apart from the general crapness)
A/ the camera changes to much, thus disorientation
B/ obsticals slowed down gameplay
C/ no real objective
D/ nothing really new WRT gameplay

ok , #A fixed, also #B, #C+D are more of a problem though , ive got a packman/chessboard feel though have no idea how to work this in, one thing i have fixed is the removal of stl for the bullets, now i love stl in general but hereone of the things ingame is being able to fire 1000 bullets a sec, now the stl containers work great in general but every minute or so, the container saiz hmmm better rearrange (for some reason) this data which is result in stutter stutter (now if i was younger i would look into why it does that (+ would file a bug report or someit perhaps)

goal for the week, record a song titled 'blood + sweat' of course i know neither
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