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One of the other features I added to Rescue Squad but didn't get the chance to show off yet is conversations - little bits of dialog that can be triggered at the start, end or during a mission.

As with most things, the conversations themselves are data driven, which configures what image, text and which side of the screen to place the image on. When I get the scripting sorted out they'll be trigged by the mission scripts to tell you your current objectives and other info.

They currently freeze the actual gameplay until you're done reading, but I might make that optional - after playing Bioshock and Deus Ex recently I think that getting orders on the fly while you're still in the middle of something else is a great way to make things more urgent and keep the player juggling multiple things at once.

In the background you can also see the wind effect. It's a pretty minimal effect (largely based on the wind in Wind Waker) but it took a surprisingly large amount of tweeking to get it to animate nicely.
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Very, very nice. As usual I'm looking forward to your next game (that would be this one). Are you planning on adding any special post-processing effects? If my mind serves me right I thought you were experimenting with those a few months back.


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Thanks. [grin]

At the momement I'm concentrating on gameplay improvements (like scripted levels and extra helicopter types), but I plan on adding a few graphical tweeks if I can think of something good (suggestions welcome!).

The biggest graphical change will likely be adding night-time (and possibly dawn and dusk) levels. That'll give me a chance to play with some cool lighting tricks such as spotlights and flares.

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