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A little to hot

Ugh...The new computer I built is running a bit hot right now. At first, the CPU was running at 180*F! Ouch. After I reseated the heat sink, the temp dropped down to 100*F for the CPU. It was a large drop in temps, but still a bit hot.

The case itself only came with one small fan in the back--thats all. Obviously this is not going to cool down the system, which seems to be why the systems temps are still hot.

Im going to get 3 new fans for the system. Im still deciding if I should go for another cooling system(Like water colling, perhaps)--I just don't know if I want to risk them malfunctioning, and taking the computer with it. Of course--fans can also fail to work, however they have been proven to stand the Test of Time (tm).

Looking at domains

Im looking at the different types of domains this great community has offered [smile] This domain will be used as an alternative backup site so that, if the main site goes down again, users could still access the site material through the new domain.

Upcoming Tutorial Update

This weekends been kind of crazy, with the building of the new computer, and site going down. I could not even continue to work on the tutorial yet--Sorry about that[sad]

The weekend is not over yet though![grin] I will see if I can finish it up by today or tomorrow.
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If you are using the stock heatsink that comes with the CPU I would replace it with a better one, that will likely solve your heat problems and they are cheap. Also get yourself some arctic silver thermal past to put on the chip before putting a new heatsink on.

The main reasons for high temperature are
- stock heatsink only just being good enough for cooling
- the thermal paste on the bottom being rubbish, especially if it is a pad
- air bubbles being trapped in your paste - best way to solve that is to twist the heatsink from side to side a little before all the clips lock

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