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Texture weights O_O

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Black Knight


After adding 4 texture weights to each vertex,I added the ability to modify them inside the world editor.Now I can paint different textures to the terrain but it is a little blocky.I may use another highresolution texture to blend the different textures together.The terrain is 256x256 so a texture of 512x512 texture will give me 2x2 texels on a quad I guess which is two times better than the vertex weights.The 512x512 terrain will use a 1024x1024 texture and 1024x1024 terrain will use a 2048x2048 texture which is the maximum texture size for lots of cards.
Another problem with the terrain is the tiling problem.Because I want the terrain to be huge I increased the tiling of the textures this caused the tiling very apparent :) especially in the distance.I will need to increase/decrease tiling based on distance maybe I can do that in the shaders.

School is starting so I won't have much time but I'll try to work on the editor more.
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