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Got started

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A day of procrastination

Well I spent a lot of today doing things other than coding. Watching anime, cleaning up, going shopping (for food), reading books. I did do bits and pieces in between though such as sorting out my visual studio install, setting up the platform SDK and SDL etc.

A start

I finally got started about an hour ago and I can see myself really getting back in to this. I started working on the data objects and files and decided to go with a very simple CSV file. I wrote the parser and can load up an object quite easily now. I also added a 2D section debug print-out that confirms it is working. Not too impressive I know... I mean I did this all before, but I am actually interested in doing it which is the real good thing.

Next I'll draw some cubes on my screen so I have something to fly around with my camera. Unfortunately I have none of my previous code with me so I'll have to find/write a mini maths lib again and do lots of the boring set-up stuff. Oh well!

My ghetto set-up

This is my current set-up. Speakers were about GBP10, keyboard was about GBP4 but it was worth it over the 50p ones because it's nice and clean, mouse I already had (I hate laptop glide pads), hidden around the back is a 500Gb external hard-disk that was about GBP60 in total. I've virtually turned it in to a desktop.

Oh and notice my C++ book collection (or the ones I could fit in my suitcase). Perfect laptop stand, I was previously using the box on the right which is now home to the standard library documentation :)

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