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Goodbye, Gamedev!

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It's been a long time since I last updated my journal. The reasons are plenty, and most of them also why I won't be updating any further.

School has been a major factor in my lack of updates. Since January I have managed to score 4 A* and 7 A's on my Upper Secondary certification aswell as starting High School(The thing you go to when you're 16), which has been a shocking change mostly because of the sheer amount of homework being tossed at us and the fact that I've never been very diciplined(which you might have gathered given my numerous failed projects ).

Motivation and passion crisis
After my last project went down under, I've never managed to get up and running again. Each time I open VS2005 I just hit the red X instinctively and do something else. The interest and motivation is just not there.

I "blame" this on myself, and how I as a person has evolved(gah, I know) over the past two or three years.
It all started out with 9th grade. I guess none of you remember, but I had a very bad time during that year, which - as a response to my social failure - led to my interest in games programming(I needed something to be good at).

Time went by, and as I failed again and again in my programming endevours I started 10th grade, which was a happy relief from the day-to-day nightmare of the previous year. I still kept on programming in secret since I was afraid that I would be socially neglected if it became a wide-known phenomena(yeah).

However, after some time in this new-found paradise I got increasingly interested in film and writing(and friends) which lead to my subsequent stop in games programming, which happened around the same time I canceled my World of Warcraft subscription - March.

Since then I haven't written a single line of C++ code, although I have done some website programming. I've also plunged head-first into active politics and of course the obligatory and free(hurray, socialised education) high-school.
On top of all that(which is quite a lot) I've also started with theater and I'am continuing my engagement in the local school band.

I actually made up my mind long ago, but I just thought I should give you a worthy goodbye and thanks for all the help I've recieved from this community. Even though you're on the other side of the world, I have learned more from you than you can possibly imagine, which I won't soon forget(when I become PM, I'll make it so that only indie games with affiliation to GameDev may be sold in stores).

Goodbye all, and keep updating your journals - I'll be reading'em :)
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