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Fun stuff

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Put in the basic framework for prop/object manipulations in the game world--pushing barrels around, smashing them, picking them up and throwing them, etc... Some tweaks to the animation system, some tweaks to the Blender Python scripts that export animations, and so on. Lots of work still to be done, and it doesn't help that I've just wasted about an hour and a half happily pushing barrels around and watching them slide off of cliffs.

I've done some work on the random generator framework as well, mostly recycling old basecode from Golem 1. (The parts that worked well, leaving out the parts that pissed me off.) I hope to have a few sample screens up on the site in a few days, to show some of the new stuff.

I've also got some images for a second part to the isometric walls tutorial, dealing with how I make man-made wall sets. The tutorial (either this one, or yet another one) will follow the process of how I make gates and such, for example this gate from my Warrens wallset (though, not this exact one, since I made this one awhile ago and didn't screencap the steps):

The gate actually consists of 4 wall slices and a separate dynamic object for the portcullis, that is selectable and can have 3 states (Open, Closed, Locked). I'll try to cover the method for constructing a gate like this as well as I can in this next tutorial. I would also like to do one on how to do staircases and such. All the things I once wondered about, and had to figure out on my own through lots of frustration.

I hate Sunday nights. That is when the dread of impending work really sets in, when I am irrevocably made aware that the weekend is almost over. Sure wish I had a billionaire uncle who would die and leave me all of his cash so I wouldn't have to work anymore. Oh, well...
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