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I love computers :/

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I am now without a computer to program stuff on. I am stuck with my school and work computers, nothing special.

My laptop sold on ebay and my new one doesnt come in until (at the latest) thursday, so i am screwed until then because..

My desktop MOBO went haywire on me and i think the IDE controller is shot. I have an old school Shuttle K7N, but that thing is a peice and probably wont work. Me, in all of my intellegence, decided to switch it out, and in doing so i broke the CPU fan speed connector so it runs at like 2 RPM all the time. Major suckage.

Buying new CPU fans..be back later!
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I always keep a spare. I have an old PCI Mac clone that can be up and running Linux in seconds if my three primary machines die.

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