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Sky scattering & shading

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This week end and today, i worked quite intensively on rayleigh and mie scattering to color my sky. I took my courage and read all the academic papers on the topic. ATI's paper: Rendering Outdoor Light Scattering in Realtime is still my reference for my implementation (especially because it doesn't cost much performance-wise, but also scales well with vertex and pixel shaders or lookup textures), but i wanted to be completely sure to understand where all the "magic numbers and formulas" came from. I think i now have a much, much better understanding of sky scattering, and its limitations.

My sky is correctly shaded, but is not dynamic at the moment. It uses a static, colored sphere with a very high tesselation. In the future i intend to make the tesselation dynamic, and to shift the calculations with lookup tables/textures in the pixel shader to get tesselation-independant results. Finally, i still have to shade the clouds depending on the view direction in the sky. They're still grey/white-ish everywhere now.

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