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Today's forecast is total crap

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Ugh; junky day. It's raining, so I can't jog. Most of my chores are done. I have to write a letter, but that's it (and I'm taking my sweet time about it too). I just feel bummed. I need to get some coding done on those bounding boxes, but I think I'll just make some notes for tomorrow. Just need to finish this letter, then maybe take a relaxing bath and go to bed early. At least I'll be refreshed for tomorrow. Hopefully.

So this post isn't a total loss for something you might actually be interested in, here's that animated run that I drew. It's my first hand-drawn running animation; I think it turned out okay. [smile]

I'm going to keep oozing through what's left of my day now. Just got no energy. [razz]

Anyway, I now have 4,000 views, so you know I'm cool. Wonder why SiCrane isn't posting anymore; he was my secret hated rival! I'm catching him now, but this victory will hold no satisfaction! [wink]
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